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Unlimited Special Operations

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Operation ‘Icebreaker’ is coming up and it’s going to be tough! Time for intense field training - so double your effort in Special Operations. Nothing will stop you now since you won’t need access tokens to enter!

This event will take place on the following time period:

EU: 12 AM UTC 22 of February to 11:59 PM UTC 27 of February

NA: 12 AM EST 22 of February to 11:59 PM EST 27 of February

Practice, earn those XP and Warface Dollars and get your team ready for Icebreaker!

Note: rank restrictions and the requirement to start at easier difficulty first are still up. If you reach the rank required for Special Operations during the event and have no access tokens at all, please activate the PIN-code:


How to redeem a code?

See you on the battlefield!

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