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Coming soon – Operation: Icebreaker

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The situation is beyond serious. No more games. This time, the enemy is determined not only to win the battle: Blackwood plans to destroy us root and stem, by obliterating the Warface base. This is an act of vengeance for taking the Black Shark.

Your squadron will land in the area attached to the base, so as to flank the enemy. Don’t expect serious reinforcements: all the main forces will be deployed in the base’s defense. Not only are our weapons supplies there, but also almost the entire Warface command, including General Lee Warton. Losing the headquarters is the same as defeat for us, so don’t let us down. We’ll try to keep in constant radio contact.

We don’t have much information, but here are the key points of the mission.

We have come under attack from the sea and air at the same time. Our enemy is using experimental types of weapons, modernized military helicopters and heavily armed cruisers. We’re also up against assault squadrons that consist of both enemies that we already know and entirely newly equipped opponents. This is a full-scale military operation designed to wipe us off the face of the earth. We should expect anything and everything. 

There are missile silos in the vicinity of the base. Be ready to protect them: the enemy is sure to want to capture these weapons. It’s pretty crowded there, so they’ll most likely send infantry for the assault, and try to control the surrounding area with snipers. Keep watch for their possible positions.

You will have to act in several stages. We don’t expect the attack to be repelled in one go – the enemy no doubt has many dangerous surprises in store for us. Be constantly on guard and keep an eye on the skies – we have every reason to believe that there may be more up there than seagulls and helicopters. Let’s hope that our reconnaissance is wrong.

Good luck, squad. Don’t let Warface down.

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