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Coming soon -- ‘legendary’ Vendor weapon

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These new guns for your arsenal just keep on coming! A completely new ‘legendary’ level of Vwndor weapon will soon be added to the game.

We can’t say that acquiring these guns will be easy: soldiers will have to collect a lot of Arsenal points by fighting through dozens of Special operations or Versus battles. First item in the Legendary section will require almost 300 000 VP. But it’s all going to be worth it since those guns and gear will be real beasts!

And coming first of many others, the mighty PEG H.G.C. Custom is soon to enter the game.

This shotgun will make a good friend for any Medic! Its capacious magazine can hold 12 rounds and lets the owner go for long kill streaks without reloading, while the gun’s serious damage rate and high RPM put the whole opposing team in a grave danger.

PEG H.G.C. Custom comes with a special tactical silencer that helps keep the owner’s position secret and slightly boosts the gun’s accuracy (while lowering the damage rate a bit). Other mods can be installed if necessary: the gun supports standard silencers, bayonet or flash suppressor. There’s a Picatinny rail attached to the top side of the receiver to mount various sights.

Want it already? Then start working on those Arsenal points!

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