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Operation 'Spring': gear up!

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The snow's melting rapidly and the spring Equinox is finally upon us, it's time to shake off the rust!

It's time to show you've still got what it takes. You are given four major challenges to complete.


Objective Reward
Get 20 victories in Quick Match and Ranked Match (excluding “Teamdeath match” and “Bag and Tag”) game modes. Elite Squadron gloves for 7 days.
Score 50 killing blows using explosive grenades in Quick Match and Ranked Match game modes. Elite Squadron boots, for 7 days


Objective Reward
Score 100 killing blows using melee weapons in PvE missions on the ‘Insane’ difficulty. Note: special operations do not count towards this objective. Elite Squadron Kevlar Vest for 7 days.
Score 300 headshot killing blows in PvE missions on the ‘Insane’ difficulty.  Elite Squadron helmet set for 7 days.

This event will be active from 00:00 UTC March 21st to 23:59 March 26th.

Completing these objectives will award you various pieces of the Elite Squadron gear set, depending on the activity completed. This is a one-time reward and it is added instantly upon completing a listed activity.

You can complete these objectives simultaneously, track your progress here.

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