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New in store -- Frozen R16A4

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Is it just me or it's a little chilly around here? That's right, it's time for the assault rifle R16A4 to take its rightful place in your hands. Speaking of which, caution is strongly advised when handling the weapon -- prolonged exposure may lead to frostbites, so wear gloves!

Frozen R16A4 is a well-known military adaptation of a legendary American rifle. The technology behind rifling combined with optimised barrel length bring the best performance out of the 5.56 catridge: takedown power and effective range, whilst its design ensures recoil absorption. Bringing this work of art you can be assured of your victory at any range -- whether your enemy is up close or far away, R16A4 knows no limits! Its worldwide recognition renders the rifle broad customization capabilities, suitable for engagements at any given range.

You can obtain this rifle in two variants: temporary or permanent by opening Random Kredit Boxes. Every weapon requires extensive maintenance and as effective as R16A4 is, it is no exception. Check out more about the Frozen weapon set here -- the rest of the weapons will be released gradually.


This rifle will not only let you accomplish any task but also allow you to compete with other players in achievements. Take it out to the field of battle and bring the best performance out of you!

Make 'em take a chill pill!

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