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Make way for R14 Crazy Horse!

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One of the fundamental lessons your drill sergeants have taught you is to mind your equipment – take care of your weapon and your weapon will take care of you. This update will let you secure a superb weapon, the R14 Crazy Horse sniper rifle, in exchange for direct contribution to our fight against Blackwood.

Let’s cut to the chase – you will be able to challenge yourself in three special operations: ‘Black Shark’, ‘Earth Shaker’ and ‘Icebreaker’. Completing each of these missions at a specific difficulty (‘Hard’ or higher for ‘Black Shark’ and ‘Icebreaker’, and ‘Insane’ or higher for ‘Earth Shaker’) will be rewarded with a R14 Crazy Horse Random Box or Warface Dollar Box (either temporary or permanent variants can be obtained)!

This reward can be reaped only once per day and per mission; in other words, you are able to get up to three boxes per day. That equals three chances each day!

If you don’t want to partake in the event or simply wish to speed things up a bit, check out our new separate Random Kredit Box that provides you with an alternative chance to obtain this rifle!

Are you going to be the lucky one to get the Golden R14?

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