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Coming soon -- CV-12 and WT308

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You think double-barrel shotguns are a blast from the past? Then you best keep quiet in tight quarters with Combat medics as they are about to get one added to their arsenal – meet CV-12!

Although incapable of firing both rounds simultaneously, this pump-action shotgun delivers faster rate of fire by cutting the reload sequence down in half – bare simplicity itself. Just like any shotgun, CV-12 renders its user devastating power, yet buckshot spread can often be a factor. Think of it no more — just stun your enemy with a swift follow-up with CV’s second barrel, they won’t manage a blink!

This shotgun comes in two variants per usual: regular and golden, and can be found in Random Kredit boxes. The golden variant will not only make you stand out but provide enhanced stats: higher damage and extra capacity.

You better take cover and watch out for those vantage points – the battlefield is not going to be safe much longer when WT308 makes its way into the game.

The sniper rifle combines the reliability of the bolt-action mechanism and the reputation of the .308 caliber. WT as a manufacturer that takes its reputation not any less seriously, striving to provide you with nothing short of the best when it comes to accuracy. Might want to watch your limbs peeking out of cover because WT308 will take them right off no matter the range. Its barrel features multiple rails enabling a variety of modifications to be installed – even a fast-zoom scope.


Given all its perks, WT308 will not be any easy to get – it will require a hefty price, some 450 thousand Vendor Points! However, it is just as rewarding as it is expensive; a true weapon that demands a skillful operator.

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