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Now in shop -- Frozen CCR Honey Badger

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Albeit combat engineers have a reputation for their impressive, loud eliminations -- you can't blame them, they just like to make things go boom -- they also do sometimes get 'close and personal'. Just as close-quarters combat shows no mercy, CCR Honey Badger shows no weakness: it combines the stealth aspect with mobility owed to the key feature, a built-in suppressor!

This personal defence weapon enjoys a superior rate of fire, recoil control absent loss of velocity and the Picatinny rail makes it customizable for any specifics of your breach-and-clear missions. The integrated suppressor conceals your location from the enemies, letting you take out the enemy clean and quiet. Make use of the camouflage in snowy environment and let yourself bask in glory outside catching the glances in the spotlight!

You are able to find this weapon in either temporary or permanent variant in Random Kredit Boxes and keep in mind every weapon requires maintenance and repairs. Frozen CCR Honey Badger is a part of the Frozen weapon set, read more about it here. Stay tuned -- more weapons from this set are yet to come!


Don't forget the special weapon-related achievevements you can collect while enjoying the smooth performance of CCR Honey Badger!

Make 'em take a chill pill!

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