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April Balance Update -- Game economy and shop changes

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Dear players.

As a part of a rebalancing program we will be rolling out a new update, introducing the changes to game shop, various cost revamps (from weapons to special offers), and touch a tiny fraction upon the subject of making the most of the game and the new system.

One of the key factors to a successful project is its ability to deliver well-timed and positive updates, as well as recognize problems when they exist. Having said that, it is just as imperative to keep the community informed. On that note, there is no arguing there are occasional minor delays, however we are working to ensure you are in the loop with us on the updates and are moreover able to partake in the future of Warface by providing feedback – on the forum in a general fashion, and via Developer Q&A sessions (FAQ’s).

Today we’ll be addressing the game shop and item changes.

The availability of boosters

We will be reducing the super-VIP booster costs considerably. These boosters enable you to unlock game content faster, earning new ranks and obtaining access to new weapons.

Regular and super-VIP boosters will now also come with a two-hour version; if you want to play for a specific evening, you don’t need to buy the booster for an entire month if you’re not sure you’ll have enough time.

Temporary weapon variants: accessibility and comfort

In order to optimize Warface dollars gains and expenses, we will be lowering the temporary variant prices considerably, and these will no longer require repair at all! It is a fairly common model allowing you to rent a weapon instead of securing it permanently for a hefty price, let alone maintain it. This enables you to use a broader variety of weapons and eventually amass enough currency to build a consistent, decent armory. There will be three contract options available: two hour long, seven day and thirty day variants; all of these have had their costs readjusted, down by approximately 20%. However, the option to rent weapons for a day will be removed from the game – it simply didn’t fit and was underused. Moreover, players ran into excessive pointless costs with that contract length – statistically, they either don’t use the gun long enough (only for 1.5 to 2 hours instead), or opt in for saving for a permanent version.

As stated above, a new, considerably short weapon contract will be added to the game – lasting two hours, it will enable you to try out the gun or play to your heart’s content. The idea is an average player would have a few long-term lease contracts and frequently switch between short-term contracts trying out various weapons and expanding their “weapon and role pool”.

Permanent weapon variants for Kredits and Warf?ce dollars will be completely removed from the shop. However, in contrast you will have permanent Arsenal weapons instead. In other words, your “Arsenal”,  found under Career -> Weapons, will be the elite guns that do require maintenance just like your armor, whereas your regular weapons will be something you pay for only when you need to use it (or, alternatively, opt in for a 30-day contract for a weapon you just fancy too much).

Disclaimer: those of you who have already purchased the permanent weapons will keep them after the update.

As of present the prevailing majority of outstanding guns are greatly underrated or simply don’t get in the spotlight enough just because more easily obtainable guns are available. As such, the wide variety in the store and the economy suffers, in the end affecting the players in a negative fashion. Most of you are familiar with RPG as a genre and it is no secret that gradual progression is vital to any game; whereas previously even a newcomer could get his hands on content designed to be accessed in end-game instead. As a result, a large ‘share’ of content was just skipped by most players in the community, whereas those that tried to progress gradually as intended were left out in minorities or with extreme challenges. Which is exactly what we’re trying to avert.

To break it down, the following equipment is affected by this change: primary, secondary and melee weapons, both Kredit and Warface dollars variants; while Arsenal weapons and all other gear (Kevlar, helmet, boots and gloves) is still available in permanent variants.

Brand new look

We are planning to expand the selection of body skins available to you in the shop. Featuring the fresh new and some returning old, are the following squads:

  • "Aurora"
  • "Pandora"
  • "Black Widow"
  • "Exo-skeleton"
  • "Phantom"
  • "Night Stalker" well as the Russian and Elite uniform sets!

Keep your style game on point with your skill level; pick your favourite squadron and express yourself!

These body skins and suits can be purchased for Kredits in the shop. Every class suit is purchased separately, and is permanent.

Please bear in mind that these skins do not alter your game stats in any way and thus grant no combat advantages; they are purely cosmetic (but quite good-looking, give 'em that).

To wrap it up; we hope we have your understanding as to our intentions with this update. The goal is to create a living, breathing economy within the game with content that is spread out accordingly per its niche: entry-level to end-game. Getting your hands on a particular weapon or piece of equipment will feel more rewarding.

All of the aforementioned changes are not live yet and there is a couple of weeks before they take place. They come as a result of thorough analysis and careful calculations, and are subject to further monitoring and according adjustments. We will be looking forward to receiving your feedback in the discussion topic here; but let's all keep it clean and tidy -- we'll try to answer the questions you guys have. And if you happen to have a favourite gun you want to keep permanently, you better hurry up, this is your last chance before the update goes live!

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