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Coming soon: AP-84 Custom

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The engineers’ arsenal is about to receive the exciting AP-84 Custom submachine gun in the upcoming update. This weapon’s main feature is that it fires bursts of 4 rounds. Its weak recoil, easy control and excellent damage make it a great companion in battle.

So what is this submachine gun?

The AP-84 Custom is a Polish submachine gun developed for the army and the police to replace the outdated AP-63 model. With all the advantages and technological innovations of its predecessor, this little gun received high ratings from soldiers who needed a short and light gun for their service – commandos, armored vehicle crews, border guards, police and a range of other servicemen.

In Warface

In Warface, the AP-84 Custom is presented in its modified form, which is what the Custom in its title refers to. The main differences from the original are a slightly altered foregrip shape, a Picatinny rail for sights and a 4-round burst firing mode. It has excellent damage of 82, is easy to control when firing and has a weak recoil. Both new recruits and experienced soldiers can use the AP-84 Custom.

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