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April Fast Cup

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-- Attention, the registration stage has been extended by 24 hours. We are observing an influx of applicants and given that the income is almost here we want to give more players the chance they could miss during the week. --

Feeling competitive? Just as promised, we are happy to announce a new PvP tournament – April Fast Cup!

The very first major tournament of 2017 yet and moreover the first official tournament to be carried out single-handedly by, it is planned to reintroduce Warface to the competitive scene. Gather your most skillful friends and prepare to face other Warface veterans in the struggle for the title!

As mentioned, the tournament will be held on a dedicated server, and future participants will register on a separate website. These measures, as well as the new rules will enable us to monitor the event closely and ensure it is fair and free of misconduct. While these rules are introductory much like the event, they will form the backbone of the future Rule set. Make sure to familiarize yourself with them!

You will be able to get hefty rewards competing in the Fast Cup. Looking to provide you with something equally worthy and rewarding we hosted a community-wide vote before announcing the prizes; you can find them in the article here.

Bear in mind the tournament times will be in UTC. Let us know what times you would be comfortable with personally so we can ensure as many of you can attend as possible. Just a notice to the North American players – we acknowledge it will be relatively difficult for you to join in, and as a matter of fact separate tournaments will be held for NA. We will not restrict you from joining as well, your data will be copied to the tournament servers should you apply and get accepted.

We are also recruiting more judges and streamers so make sure to check the respective links below if you are interested and have the required knowledge! This is your chance to be one of the founding fathers and contribute to the game you love!

Judge recruitment

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