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April Fast Cup – Official FAQ Thread

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Dear players!

We’ll try to keep it as brief and informative as possible, gathering the key questions that have been asked so far on different platforms. Key points first:

  • The registration stage has been extended to the 21st of April, 12:00.
  • The tournament will start on the 22nd of April at 12:00 UTC to be concluded by 23rd of April 23:59.
  • Teams that successfully registered will have a SIX HOUR WINDOW to confirm their participation. An e-mail will be sent to the Captain’s listed e-mail address, similar to how confirming occurs.
  • Participation does NOT take place on the main servers (EU/NA), but instead on a separate tournament server.


What about the use of VPN’s, there is a lot of non-European players joining in and causing lag.

The use of specific network settings is not a violation of the rules at this time. Players that use VPN harm themselves and their gameplay more than that of others; to put it simple they are having a hard time hitting you as you are hitting them.

Given that this is an introductory event or a kick-off you could say, we can only state that in future we will look into the possibilities of resolving the issue. For example one possible approach is monitoring and denying access to suspicious dynamic IP’s.

How do tournament servers work? Are these always available and can everyone play on it? Or are they only active during official cups and only players of the participating teams can access them?

The tournament server is designed just as a competitive platform, you can only access those to participate in official tournaments. I can see why you’ve likely brought this question up and we will discuss that possibility. ;)

Location and IP of the tournament server?

The very same as the game server, located in Amsterdam. <:

where is the judges discord link or skype link

The official judge roster will be announced via an update to this post later this evening.

How do I join if I'm logged into Steam?

Attempting to access the tournament server will prompt a window with all the log-in and password credentials filled in -- simply click "Log in" and proceed.

How will you check account sharing?
Your technical data should be consistent with your previous reported data for accessing the main server. Sounds complicated, right -- you simply need to access the tournament server from the same pc or laptop as you use to access the game on a daily basis.

Any further questions and concerns that arise will be addressed in this FAQ and thus we will update it gradually, check in here later for direct official responses. 

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