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April Fast Cup – Official start

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Dear players and participants!

The registration is now complete and 63 team captains will have six hours to confirm their participation. The tournament itself will be taking place this Saturday, 22nd of April, starting at 12:00 UTC (14:00 CEST). Matches will be played on a separate tournament server and your accounts will be transferred to it – make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules, especially the equipment rules.

The winners will compete for the main prize – 10000 Kredits, permanent Tournament set for the class of choice, and permanent Hexagon weapon skins for each member!

Now the part you all are most eager for – we have decided to reward eight winning teams in the ladder! The rewards are per place as follow:

Placement Rewards (each member of the winning team is eligible)
2nd place 5000 Kredits, Tournament set (class of choice, 90 days), Hexagon weapon skins (90 days)
3rd-4th places 3000 Kredits, Tournament set (class of choice, 30 days), Hexagon weapon skins (30 days)
5th-8th places 2000 Kredits, Tournament set (class of choice, 7 days), Hexagon weapon skins (7 days)

Please check out the following links:

  • Official Tournament rules
  • Official Tournament FAQ
  • Tournament grid

Technical requirements and settings

Make sure you download the new Tournament client (run it and see if anything needs an update) as you will be using that to connect to the server. It is found under the “Game Directory” in launcher.

Captains must add the judges to their contact list in Skype, official judges information must be found below (add all of the judges listed).

Captains must set the room size to maximum when creating the server.


We have selected three official streamers for April Fast Cup.


There are four judges, each assigned a group of brackets to mediate. These bracket groups are displayed on the left side of the grid on the tournament server. The list is as follows (skype contacts included into brackets):

Please note that only captains are allowed to add and contact the judges.

Sportsmanship and more

To draw the line, remember that we're here to have fun; be respectful to your opponents. The judges will be there to take care of your questions and concerns as well as generally ensure the flow of the tournament. Go on and claim your prize!

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