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Game update – April 25th

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Dear players!

Servers will be down for scheduled update and maintenance on April 25th from 08:00 to 11:00. Please note you will not be able to access the server during that time.

Explore the full changelog below.

New features

  • Ranked Matches spectator mode has been altered to fix camera position behind the spectated player.
  • The maximum rank has been increased to 82.
  • Vest appearances in game shop and inventory have been changed.
  • “Overtime” – PvP (Ranked) game modes such as “Plant the Bomb” and “Capture” have been altered to provide extra time until a single team secures a two point lead or “first-to-15”.
  • Weapons can now be leased for 2 hours, 7 days and 30 days.

Body skins

  • Four class-specific tournament packs: Rifleman, Medic, Engineer and Sniper; each with an own defining touch and features
  • Hexagon weapon skins
  • Male and female nano-suits


New additions

  • CV-12
  • WT308

Balance changes

  • FY-103
  • Mini Oren – Damage increased from 61 to 66, minimal damage increased from 31 to 33. Recoil has been optimized to be more visually controlled, but has also been randomized (there is no fixed recoil pattern). Headshot damage values have been adjusted from 4 to 3.7, however this fix is aimed to stabilize the resulting headshot damage that remained the same as before – 244 (taking into account the current damage increase).

Weapon sound overhauls

  • AY 551
  • A3-210
  • FY-47

Appearance changes

  • Rifleman: GU2, GU2 Korea Anniversary, AC7, M95AR, M95AR Winter Camo.
  • Medic: US-12, US-12 Korea Anniversary, MC 255 12, MC 255 12 Winter Camo, Boas Semi-Auto Shotgun, PHS-15, SHG M1217.
  • Engineer: ZX84 UMP, ZX84 UMP Elite Crown, GU1, GU7, MP .38, Metasoma 83, MT-19, M99AS, GU7 Korea Anniversary
  • Sniper: TWM Korea Anniversary
  • Secondary weapons: GU5


  • Smoke grenades have received an overhaul, addressing players ability to partially see silhouettes through the smoke given specific settings.
  • Additional internal security measures have been added, aimed to suppress the use of malicious software.
  • Players with high latency can be kicked now in custom games; this feature is automatic and enabled by default in settings. Players can disable it per their preferences (before the game begins).
  • In case of falling through the textures, the player will be respawned at the last checkpoint for PvE, team spawnpoint for PvP game modes. If checkpoints are unavailable for whichever reason the character dies and respawns the next round or at their next checkpoint.
  • “Head Crasher” and “Brain Annihilator” instant awards icons have undergone minor design changes.
  • Attempting to pick up a weapon already in hand will result in an ammunition pick-up equal to that of the remaining ammo of the weapon on the ground. If your ammunition is full, there will be an appropriate tip next to the ammo icon.
  • Team tooltips have been improved.
  • Minimum rank required to enter “Tower Raid”, “Cold Peak” and other special operations has been lowered down to 10.
  • New loading screen.
  • New achievements: “Brain explosion” for 5000 “Explosive headshots”, “Bag’n Tag 101” for winning “Bag and tag” 1000 times, “Float like a butterfly” for winning 750 matches without a single death.

Known issues

  • S60B3 5-y Anniversary skin is displayed incorrectly in-game.
  • The Exosuits "AOS M2" bundle is misnamed in-game.

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