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CV-12 – Now in game

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Soldiers, attention!

Medics are quite renowned for their battlefield efforts in Warface – blasting holes in whatever gets ahead of them, windows, Blackwood units, walls. Pump-action is designed to deliver just the impact you need, and it works for as long as you can work the slide! Familiar with the campfire gatherings at Mojave, reminiscing about the old days? Well, forget about them with this brand new CV-12, best described as “tradition meets innovation” – double-barreled, twice as fun!

Each barrel overwhelms with its sheer power, and just for those times your buckshot spread’s too wide – follow up with an immediate second round as you close the gap.

Enough teasing, how’d I get one?

Find this marvel in Random boxes awarded for completing specific missions in-game. Take note, you’ll be able to get either a Random Box containing CV-12 or a few other weapons – even golden guns.

Just as before, we want to support players based on their unique playstyle. All game modes are grouped into the categories as displayed below:

  • Team Death Match, Domination, Destruction
  • Capture, Plant the Bomb, Blitz
  • Bag and Tag, Free for All, Storm

You need to win three times in game modes belonging to a single category to get the Random Box (limited to one box per category every day).

Whether you’re a teamplayer, lonewolf or somewhere in the middle – you’ll be able to get a chance to claim this gun just by playing game modes you like the most and being good at it. After all, at times you’re just a die roll away from the lucky draw. And just in case you want to save some time, you can always find the box in the game shop.

This event starts tomorrow, on April 26th 14:00 UTC and lasts until 23:59 UTC May 3rd. Check out the Events page to learn all the necessary details, and hop in-game!

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