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“Earth Shaker” series – CCR now in shop

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There’s no time to meddle about with small-timers, make way for the universal assault rifle – the “Earth Shaker” CCR. Suited for combat at any range or given any circumstances, CCR possesses competitive qualities, easily surpassing its peers. Superb rate of fire and accuracy – especially if not fired off the hip – make it an ultimate tool for riflemen that prefer to be fast, exact and as a result – unstoppable. Besides, you can outfit the rifle in any way you wish with its vast choice of modules: from barrel extensions to scopes and handles, all owing to the Picatinny rail.

Let’s break down the key points:

  • You can find “Earth shaker” CCR in the Random Kredit boxes – the offer stands only until the 13th of May.
  • Take this AR with you to the next tournament, it’s in the list of approved weapons!
  • Obtain achievements for eliminating 15000 enemies with the “Earth Shaker” CCR, or better yet let it count towards “Magmatic Touch” – 10000 kills altogether!
  • Do it in style!


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