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Clan Challenges – April ’17 results

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April has sure seen some intense action in terms of PvP and the competitive scene: ranging from the renewed pursuits in Ranked Games to the first official tournament of 2017 – April Fast Cup, and now we’re back with your April ’17 Season results.

If you’re new to the event, read all about it here! To summarize – Clan Challenges are monthly competitions in which clans race against one another, and against time to get to the top of the ladder. Each clan accumulates points for any in-game activity, whether its members play solo or teamed up (teaming up gives hefty bonuses to multipliers!); the more points they get, the higher the clan is placed in the ladder and thus, the bigger the rewards.


Achievements: marks, badges and stripes; MASSIVE Crown Point rewards and weapon skins – definitely not something to miss out on!

Check the chart below for April ‘17 winners. As a reminder, Elite league are top 5 clans that are eligible for the juiciest rewards.


EU Elite League

NA Elite League
















As a reminder, Elite league are top five clans that are eligible for the juiciest rewards. The May ’17 Season is already on – gather your friends and see you in game!

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