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WON: The video makers support policy

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Dear players!

You may have noticed that our official YouTube channel is back. We are going to make this channel cool and interesting for you, shoot more videos, make more streams and give you more fun!

We also know that some of you are good in video making, and we will be glad to work together. We introduce WON, the Warface Operative Network. Here are the basic things you need to know about it.

What is WON?

Warface Operative Network is a community of Warface video bloggers and streamers supported by WON members shoot in-game videos, stream or comment tournaments and organize giveaways sponsored by our company.

How do I become a WON member?

First, the requirements.

  1. You need to have at least 2000 subscribers on your channel;
  2. Your channel has to be dedicated to Warface;
  3. You need to be active and available most time of the day.

If you meet these requirements, feel free to write an e-mail to with the subject “WON membership” and some information about yourself (Discord ID is a must).

What do I get being a WON member?

Here is a list of what you can get being an official member of WON:

?) YouTube cooperation

- interesting and quality videos will be published on the official Warface channel in a separate playlist;

- such videos will get Likes from the official Warface channel;

- there will be a possibility of cooperative streaming with community managers;

B) Informational support outside YouTube

- we will announce some Live events on your channels (giveaways, streams, tournament commenting etc.);

- highlighted videos can be announced on Facebook;

C) PIN-codes for giveaways
- we will provide you with PIN-codes to celebrate certain events, such as channel anniversaries;

D) PIN-codes for reviews

- if we need to review a gun, equipment or any other item, we will give you PIN-codes for this item for 3 days;

- if the video turns out to be a very good one, we will give you the same item for 30 days;

E) Just nice things for you being awesome

Every month we will give you a certain reward just for you being with us. Join us to know more!

What do you require from a WON member?

- be active and respond to all our tasks;

- make at least 2 reviews a week.

If you remain idle, we will unfortunately have to dismiss you from WON.

Where do I get the tasks?

First, we collect all the applications via e-mail (

Second, we all gather in a WON Discord channel, where you will get all the tasks

Can I become a WON member if I don’t make videos in English?

Yes, you can. Just make sure you make them in any of the languages we currently support (English, French, German and Polish).

Can I stream my play on other servers?

No, only the play on official Warface servers counts.

Can I become a WON member if I don’t have 2000 subscribers?

Once you get 500 subscribers, feel free to write an e-mail to with a subject “WON Recruit”. You will get the same tasks and PIN-codes for 3 days for review, but you don’t get other benefits until you get 2000 subscribers. Once you get them, you will be promoted to a WON member and become eligible for all the benefits.

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