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Weapon showcase – WAI GRAY RG-15

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Warface Riflemen are in a sense the universal soldiers, capable of handling any task thrown at them, and as a result their equipment is required to meet the very same demands. In case you’re uncertain about your next main primary, take a look at the WAI GRAY RG-15 Assault Rifle.

When looking at this masterpiece, you can’t wrap your mind around what to start with. Its thorough design leaves no stone unturned: from the crispy trigger to the muzzle with a unique, patented Jailbreak flash guard; all to ensure unparalleled performance in any combat engagement in any given environment you can think of. To break it down to bare facts, you have superb damage and great rate of fire; while the rifle’s strongest suit is definitely accuracy – let alone the reduced spread that we’ll get to later – its range and clip size of forty also enables you to sustain lengthy shootouts without having to stop to reload.

Its unique barrel extension deserves separate attention. The Jailbreak flash guard redirects the blast forward and furthermore provides additional frontend weight, thus reducing vertical recoil and enabling its user to place swift follow-up shots. Needless to say it affects the overall performance of the rifle in a positive way, being the first unique rifle attachment in Warface to minimize spread – also with a custom muzzle blast visual effect!

How to get one

RG-15 will be added to the Arsenal in the next game update and will be quite costly to unlock to start with – some 500000 points – yet well worth the effort in the long run. Keep in mind this number is a closer approximate for those who have unlocked all Arsenal weapons at this point; and may vary per your current Arsenal progression.

Get unique achievements for eliminating 10000 and 25000 enemies respectively with this weapon and pin the stripe on your profile!

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