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MSG 500 Custom – Now in shop

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Soldiers, attention!

Medics are of ultimate importance in any challenging deployment and are mainly appreciated for their unique ability to heal and resuscitate. Still, it does not mean that all medics are just walking medkits and defibrillators: before you help your allies, you will have to make sure the sector is clear and do it quickly: time is always of the essence. And that’s exactly when MSG 500 takes the stage.

MSG 500 Custom is a highly competitive pump-action shotgun. Its impressive damage allows you to one-shot pretty much everyone but Heavy gunners at close range, while its reload sequence of one-bullet-at-a-time makes it possible to bring mayhem to the battlefield – for a prolonged period of time. No one is going to stop medics from doing their jobs. No one!

Now let’s get down to bare facts:

  • You can obtain MSG 500 Custom from the Random Kredit boxes up until the 19th of May. This will be the last Earth Shaker box available in May.
  • The shotgun can be used in official Warface tournaments.
  • Get exclusive achievements for eliminating 10000 or 25000 enemies with the “MSG 500 Custom”, and keep in mind it also counts towards “Magmatic Touch” – 10000 kills with “Earth Shaker” weapons altogether!
  • Caution! Contents are hot!

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