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June Fast Cup – the new tournament announced!

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If you’re longing for some competitive action, this one’s just for you!

Hyped up? Less than two weeks from now, teams will be going at it again: intense action for the main prize, the title and don’t you forget the glory of being a Warface champion.

Let’s not mingle about and get straight to the point – the prizes. The first four teams (1st to 4th places) will be eligible for the rewards.

Placement Rewards per player
1st place 10000 Kredits, permanent Tournament set for the class of choice, permanent Black Dragon weapon skins.
2nd place 5000 Kredits, Tournament set for 90 days for the class of choice.
3rd-4th places 3000 Kredits, Tournament set for 30 days for the class of choice.

If there’s a total of 64 teams participating, 5th to 8th places will receive 2000 Kredits and Tournament sets for a week under the same conditions!

When and where?

June Fast Cup will take place on the 3rd of June 12:00 UTC (14:00 CEST) on the tournament server, which will be located in EU this time. Don’t worry, there’ll be frequent events and servers will rotate from EU to NA!

How can I keep up with the news?

Albeit you can always find all the details on the main site, you can be the first to learn everything if you follow the event via and via the Discord channel that’ll be set up specifically for the tournament.

And undoubtedly, you can watch the live streams and recaps with our official streamers.

What’s the format of the event and play-offs?

Single-elimination, best of one; switching to best of three for the quarterfinals and onward.

How do I sign up?

You need to create an account and then register your team on and stay tuned for when June Fast Cup appears on the main page with registration open!

I want to contribute, what can I do?

You can sign up to be a referee; next in line to our moderator referees in direct contact with team captains and the game admins. Each referee’ll receive 1000 Kredits!

Click here to find out more how to be a referee!

Apart from that, if you’re into esports and enjoy making videos, sign up to be a streamer here!


Remember to check the code of conduct as well as the rules of the tournament here and obey the instructions of the judges.

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