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One week until June Fast Cup!

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So here it is guys, June Fast Cup’s been announced just a few days ago and the roster’s already half full!

Taking a step back to look at the past, April Fast Cup saw the birth of one too many new teams, as well as the return of the old. And here’s the catch, in a single day event, only the utmost hardcore teams manage to come out on top.

Looking at the roster as is there’s a plenty of new names and a bunch we’ve seen from April Fast Cup. So what can we expect? That’s the thing – predictions are incredibly difficult to make, and you can probably bet a team will make it to the round of 32, but take a guess any farther and you won’t be in the ballpark!

Check out the event highlights by our community members in German, French and Spanish as well!

Last but not least, a reminder that we will primarily be using Discord for the organizational purposes, so if you’re a team captain – it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with the platform a little bit so you don’t feel overwhelmed by it when you first join. Give our official Discord channel a go meanwhile!

In short, Discord is a communications platform for text and voice messaging, and it does not require you to install any software – just run it from your browser if you wish. Alternatively, you can get the application – and we highly encourage you to.

How to register

Head to and create a profile, get your team to do the same. There are tooltips and pop-ups that will instruct you how to proceed with any particular step. As a captain, you will need to be in touch with the judges so fill in your Discord or Skype contact details (explained further below).

It is helpful to have an additional teammate – if not all – fill in their Discord logins as it’ll help you get sorted out in the appropriate group faster and identify your team members in future.

After that, you just need to click “Check in” and you’ll be able to see your team in the “Participants” tab.

That’s it, you’re set, stay connected via the site, discord and!

JFC organization and conduct 101

To break it down, all teams will be split into a total of FOUR groups, with up to 16 teams per group. Each group will be assigned a referee who is in other words your instructor, a tournament representative with the line of inquiry to mods and admins that can further resolve your issues if any arise.

The key rule is, only team captains conduct communication on the behalf of their team; in other words they are the only ones allowed to contact the referees, mods and admins. To break it down, if you are a team member and you have any issues or concerns, bring it up to your captain and the captain will relay the issue to the referee on the behalf of your team.

As a tournament participant, you can join the JFC lobby when the channel is set up, yet make sure to keep the chatter to a minimum if the chat is enabled.

As a captain, you need to ensure your team is available for a check-in 20 minutes prior to the start of the match and come online on Discord to receive your team captain status and permissions.

After that, your referee will move you to the appropriate group and instruct you how to proceed.

Tournament Rules

If you’ve registered your team, the best thing you can do is read up on the tournament rules and make sure your team is familiar with them. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up (Marshal. on Discord or the Forums) – official referees and mods will be able to answer some of your questions as well on our community Discord channel for now!

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