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June Fast Cup – Official FAQ

Categories: ESports

The registration is still open and we've got two more days to go, yet we've already set a new record with seventy registered teams! As such, let's go over the basics of the tournament to make sure everyone's up to speed.

To start with, it helps to break down the entire process:

  • First up is the "Registration" stage. It lasts until the 1st of June 23:00 CEST. Any amount of teams is able to register, and you can still sign your team up for the tournament by clicking here.
  • Right up next is the "Confirmation" stage. You'll have a 24-hour window to confirm your participation – simply by clicking an appropriate link in the email you'll receive.
  • The tournament brackets will be formed, the teams will be sorted randomly.
  • Albeit the tournament starts on June the 3rd (03.06.2017) at 12:00 UTC (14:00 CEST), all captains must be online 30 minutes prior to the start, meaning 11:30 UTC (13:30 CEST).

If you want to make sure every single step goes smoothly, make sure you use Discord to communicate with the referees. Statistically, most of the technical losses in April Fast Cup occured due to miscommunication that can otherwise be prevented.

Here are the benefits of using Discord:

  • You are able to easily contact both the other captain and your referee.
  • You are able to see the progress of your Group and thus see who you will be going up against in the first two-three stages.
  • You have access to the Q&A and Support channels that will enable you to report the issues that arise (if any) and as a result, we are able to assess it and resolve it as quick as possible.
  • You are able to communicate with admins more efficiently and be the first in the queue to receive the rewards when you're placed in top-8 (choosing your preferred classes, and so on).

And to summarize, all of the above is achieved with far more ease and with far less stress and time wasted. As of now, you can join our official Community Discord channel; a separate Tournament Discord will be made available shortly before the tournament is on.

Let's go over a few questions raised in the current and present FAQ's, as well as those brought up on our official platforms.


"When will we be able to play on the tournament server? Some days in advance or just on the actual day?"

This generally depends on the situation. As a matter of fact, the tournament server is enabled way earlier, but it's a matter of permissions, which are enabled once the roster is formed. In other words, the server only allows formed, registered and confirmed teams onto the server once the grid's formed.

Bottom line, it's not something set in stone, and may change in future.

"How do I play as a Steam user?"

Simply get to the launcher as you usually do, click "My games" at the top and select the Tournament server. When you click "Play" the launcher will open up a "Log in" prompt, yet your credentials will be filled in automatically and you simply need to click "Log in" to proceed.

"Is the new Vendor sniper WT308 and the CV-12 allowed?"

All weapons are allowed until stated otherwise in the current rule set.

"Will the seeding be random or according to the ranking of the last cup?"

It will be random this time though in future we'll establish a unified ladder.

"How will you check account sharing?"

Just as before we will match your technical data with that previously reported when accessing the main – game – server. Simply put, it needs to be consistent for a prolonged period of time so use the same PC or laptop as you do to access the main game on a regular basis, as well as the same network settings.

"Any rewards for joining the tournament?"

Heaps of fun and a shot at the title, plus the ability to play around with near-infinite Kredits. But no, on a serious note, there are no rewards for just joining and participating, only for getting placed 1st to 8th.

"There's 70 teams, but only 64 slots. How are teams going to be picked?"

There is a total of 70 registered teams that have sent their participation requests, yet these have to be confirmed. That is precisely where the 'race' factor comes into play to an extent. The quicker you confirm, the more complete your captain profile and your team member profiles are, the higher are the chances you'll confirm your participation in time.

This list will be expanded in the next few days and article adjusted accordingly. Stay tuned for an additional roster of the official referees and streamers.

One of the key reminders is to the team captains to list their Discord (name&ID, for example, Marshal#9326) on the official site, under their profile. This may significantly improve your chances of having a stress-free experience with the tournament and put you ahead of the queue in resolving any problems that may arise. The role assignment will be automatic so it is a must to have your Discord listed in order to have these benefits.

Get ready and discuss on the forum!

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