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Early June Armory change

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Dear players!

Have you pumped your enemies full with lead from your SMG-9? Or made a double slide-headshot with the FARARM PRO? Eradicated the whole room with the R249 Para LMG? In case you haven’t, it’s high time to do that – the guns are scheduled to depart from the shop due to the upcoming game update.

Get your weapons from the Random Boxes available in the shop for Warface dollars – they remain in the shop up until Tuesday, June the 6th.

Apart from that, the engineers and snipers can finally rejoice: the AP mines have now become available in our in-game shop, you can buy them in the following bundles:

50 Kredits – 5 units

240 Kredits – 25 units

900 Kredits – 100 units

Watch your step now – any corner or obstacle may conceal a surprise!

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