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Ranked Games – new season

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Dear players!

The 11th season of the Ranked Games is over and the winners are already rewarded! It’s time to move onwards and upwards to clash for the readjusted reward.

Rewards upon the end of the season

Those who manage to get to the top Leagues, will eligible for the rewards:

  • 1-6 League winners get a random box with one of the Jade Dragon weapon skins. You are guaranteed to receive a skin while opening it.
  • If you manage to achieve the 1st League – you will receive Desert Camo weapon skins Random Box.

  • Just like in previous season, you can get a special achievements starting from League 10.
League Achievement

Rewards for ranking up

To encourage your progress you also will be able to get certain rewards for ranking up. You can see them in the table below:


League Main reward
Warface dollars Crowns
21 - 15 750 75
14 - 10 1125 113
9 - 5 1500 150
4 - 2 2250 225
1 7500 750
Total 32625 3260
Additional rewards
21 - 14  + 15% 1-day
13 - 7  + 15% 1-day
6 - 1  + 15% 1-day

Ranking Match is a competitive, seasonal gameplay mode, which is available for the players at the Rank 13 or higher. Progressing up the ladder becomes more difficult with increased rank. Try your hand in reaching the top League and show everyone what you’ve got!

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