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Weapon dossier – WX Metasoma Evo3 A1

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A skillful engineer is indispensable when deployed in challenging environment. Whether it’s about planting or defusing the explosives, or ingeniously restoring armor kits to their full condition, they’re your best call. But at the same time, as much as this toolset’s invaluable they bring a great deal more to the battlefield – mobile and covert, they show no mercy in dispatching the foe.

The task’s easier said than done, so you best consider a proper tool for the job – meet WX Metasoma Evo3 A1. Evo3 stands for Evolution, third version of the renowned series, which in its turn truly reflects the intention of the manufacturer not only to create a weapon for a single era, but improving it for those to come.

The weapon comes in two variants, S1 and A1, semi-automatic and fully automatic respectively. Whereas the former is designed for civilian distribution and use, the latter is a true work of art in an SMG capable of providing its user with no less than top-tier performance: stopping power, accuracy and recoil control – not that you would or should settle for any less.

Well, definitely not something to miss out on!

Quite right! As usual, the weapon will be available in two variants, golden and regular in Random Kredit Boxes.

You can find these boxes in the shop as well as complete objectives in the event. As difficult as it may seem, the gun is well worth it in the long run!

As with prior releases, you’re able to pursue this weapon depending on your unique playstyle – and do more if you feel like it! However this time around the event will be split not into three but four groups, resulting in the ability to gain four boxes per day. Let’s get onto the details below!

There’re three PvP categories, each expands into three game modes:

  • Team Death Match, Domination, Destruction
  • Capture, Plant the Bomb, Blitz
  • Bag and Tag, Free for All, Storm

Winning three matches in a single category will award a single Evo3 Random Box or another valuable box.

For example, if you win “Blitz” twice and “Capture” once, you’ll be eligible to receive it, and will be able to do the same the next day. If you win “Bag and Tag” twice, and “Domination” once – you won’t be able to receive it as you’ll have two separate progresses, so you’d have to finish one of them (or both of them) to get the box!

On top of that, this time around there’s an additional category – Special Ops. If you complete one Special Operation of those listed below, you’ll be able to get the box as well!

  • Icebreaker (“Normal” or harder)
  • Anubis (“Normal” or harder)

By the way, as of this release you can find the Smuggler’s card in the Metasoma Evo3 Random Boxes that lets you buy the regular variant of this SMG out for a fixed price in Kredits – without needing to get any additional boxes!

Check the Events page to learn any other details and track your progress when the event’s on. And don’t lose time, get in game!

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