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Atlas of War – official launch

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We’re mobilized and ready, for the Atlas of War is finally here! Join your teammates in battle and earn your place in the elite Atlas squad; progress through the campaigns to secure top-notch firearms, armor and camos, and do whatever you wish with them. The Marketplace enables you to sell permanent items, even achievement stripes, while managing your combat squad in a proper and timely fashion can turn out additionally rewarding!

In order to make sure we’re on the same page, let’s walk over the most asked questions within the community.

Please note that the Golden Crates (awarded for the 50th and 100th level respectively) will be unavailable until the July update release.

Questions and Answers

How do I get access?

Just click here and you can purchase it for $4.99/€4.75.

How do I level up?

You can progress through the Atlas of War by levelling up using Battle points.

How do I get Battle points?

You can earn them in Quickplay, Ranked matches and Special Ops, win them in mini-games or just purchase them in the shop.

How do I unlock a military campaign?

You get a free token when you get access, so spend it wisely. It is suggested to do campaigns by region, not game mode (PvP/PvE). In other words, if you’re more into PvP – it’s fine, go ahead and unlock each region in PvP first; but our advice is to go for a single region, for example – completing Africa in PvP /and/ PvE.

You also get tokens as you level up in the Atlas of War, every several levels.

I completed a mission, how do I get my rewards?

Check your inventory on the site under “My Items”, in the Atlas of War.

I want to send it to my character in the game, how do I do that?

Head to “My Items” and find the item you want to perform the action with; then it’s just a few selections to get to complete the transfer – look at the right-hand tab with the selected item ‘profile’, select “Transfer”, then select the character and server you wish to transfer it to, and confirm, easy as that!

How do I use the Marketplace?

Marketplace is, as the name suggests a place to sell your items.

There’s a few key things to note first:

  • Anyone can use the Marketplace, but only those with access can create a listing
  • You can only sell the items that are located in your inventory on the site (“My Items”)
  • There’s a minimal market price for every item; the buyer also pays a minor fee
  • Only permanent (excluding consumables) items can be sold

Navigate to your inventory (“My Items”) and select the item you wish to sell. After, click “Sell” in the right-hand menu. After that, choose the price (the upper box shows the price you’re selling it for, the lower – the price the buyer’ll pay for it), and then confirm. That’s it, your listing’s now created and can be found under the “Marketplace” tab at the top.

What are Combat Squads?

Combat Squads consist of soldiers you hire in this section on the website, as a member of the Atlas of War. A squad needs just one soldier to be operational, up to a total of four. In order to have a squad, you need to have the HQ.

Each soldier has an own squad of origin, which in turn grants a unique bonus. This bonus is active when you have four soldiers of this type in your squad. Apart from that, all soldiers are split into four tiers, or levels if you please; these are distinguished by the soldier’s ID card color:

  • White is the rookies; they are in general the fresh blood, forming the backbone of every aspiring commander.
  • Orange is the regular sol’s, in other words they’ve grasped the basics and can perform better altogether.
  • Red – the battle-hardened veterans, superior commandos.
  • Black – the top of the food chain, unparalleled Black Ops agents.

Check the soldier’s card for more information on them.

Onto the next part, the HQ. Your Headquarters is the base of all your operations: hiring new soldiers, browse other available soldiers, assemble and reorganize your squad.

The most important part here is the HQ level, the higher it is – the greater the benefits and the more you can do with it: more soldiers available for hire, more slots for these and more covert operations available to send them to.

So let’s get down to hiring soldiers – you can hire these for Battle points directly in your HQ or just receive them for completing a region (both in PvP and PvE).

To send your troops to missions, just navigate to the “Map”, select the mission and send your troops on it.

I saw the option to exchange items, how can I do it?

Exchanging is an option available with weapon skins, you can trade five of them for one.

That’s it for the brief guide and walk-through, see you in the Atlas of War!

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