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New DLC bundles released

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Exploring the game and gear is a constant hit-and-miss – you never know how a weapon’s going to perform, how easy it’ll be to get used to it. Save yourself the trouble by picking one of the starter packs, each designed to deliver user-friendly performance. Each pack comes with a unique theme, letting you blend in with the surroundings and stand out in the glory hours – next to those impressive stats at the endgame screen – and not the other way around!

To cut to the chase, you can pick between the Jungle Starter Pack, featuring the female skins and jungle weapons most suited for combat and thus, camouflage in humid and woodland environments, or alternatively opt in for the Winter Starter Pack, containing the full Arctic Squad set, winter camo weapons. Both packs come with the 45-day VIP bonus and 2000 Kredits – take it just as a cherry on top!

And just in case you can’t make up your mind, go for the Deluxe Starter Pack, offering the complete experience of the two bundles mentioned above, but with 90-day VIP booster pack and 5000 Kredits instead.

Learn more about each pack below:

See you on the fields of battle!

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