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PTS launch

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Dear players!

We closely follow your suggestions and appreciate the effort you put in to improve the game together with us. In advance of the approaching update, we’d like to announce the launch of PTS – the Public Test Server – and welcome the new-fledged testers aboard! For obvious reasons, the number of players that will have access to the test server is limited, predetermined by the Community Managers. Players were selected based on some of the following criteria:

  • Their sheer Warface experience;
  • Personal involvement in the game;
  • Activity in bug tracking and reporting;
  • Recommendations.

Lastly, volunteer community moderators and WON-members also are more likely to be involved in testing.

What are the main expectations of this launch? We’ve got two high priority tasks: testing content of the next update (check with the patch notes here) and Chinese localization (dedicated to the launch of the first regional server in Hong Kong). PTS will be available from 06 of July up until the update release in July.

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