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Game Update – 13.07.2017

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Dear players!

The restart will introduce the Update release! Let's revise again all new features.


A new regional server will be launched in Hong Kong alongside with Simplified Chinese localization. Now it is even more convenient to play Warface from Asia!


The new Blitz map we’ve longed for is going to be introduced in the next update. This time the action takes place at the residence of Oberon White himself. Take a look at the showcase here.

The new Update will introduce the new map for the Team Death Match game mode - "Shuttle".




The new maximum rank of 84 will be added in the next update – Vityaz, Major of the Heralds of Death squadron. Read more here.




Atheris GQ50

Atheris GQ50 is the new sniper rifle to be added into the game in two variants, regular and golden. To call it high-powered would be a drastic understatement – the .50 cal is more than enough to wipe the enemy off the face of the earth. Click here for a full dossier.

ZX84 A5 Custom

ZX84 A5 Custom is the new Arsenal legendary tier Engineer weapon. It belongs to the world-renowned family of SMGs that can boast top-notch performance that is both battle- and time-tested. Read more here.



  • minimal spread has been increased
  • parametric recoil has been added
  • zoom rate (the speed of zooming in and out) has been increased


  • damage has been increased to 600
  • minimal damage has been increased to 300
  • effective range has been decreased to 3.1
  • damage drop beyond the effective range has been increased
  • maximum spread has been increased


  • damage has been increased to 63
  • damage drop beyond the effective range has been decreased
  • recoil has been decreased
  • parametric recoil has been added


All golden weapons obtained after the Update will have repair costs. The weapons in your inventories that do not require repair will remain intact.


  • Suppressor icons, textures and geometry have been updated;
  • Friend list size has been increased to 60;
  • Overtime has been added to “Blitz”;
  • “Icebreaker” crown reward conditions have been revised;
  • Special Operations difficulty levels have been renamed to: Easy, Normal, Hard and Insane.


  • Players can no longer become invulnerable / untouchable for cyborgs during the last encounter in “Anubis” (Spec Op);
  • Head Crasher mini-challenge icon has been fixed.

Alongside the in-game changes, we have also introduced Steam authorization on our official website. Now you can use your Steam login and password to access your account wherever you are!

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