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Atheris GQ50 - special offer!

Categories: Events

You’ll be able to get either a Random Box containing Atheris GQ50 or a few other weapons – even golden guns.

Just as before, we want to support players based on their unique playstyle. All game modes are grouped into the categories as displayed below:

  • Team Death Match, Domination, 
  • Capture, Plant the Bomb, Blitz
  • Destruction, Storm

You need to win three times in game modes belonging to a single category to get the Random Box (limited to one box per category every day).

On top of that, there’s an additional category – Special Ops. If you complete one Special Operation of those listed below, you’ll be able to get the box as well!
  • Tower Raid;
  • Icebreaker (Hard or Insane);
  • Earth Shaker (Insane or Nightmare);
  • Anubis (Hard or Insane);
  • Black Shark (Hard or Insane).

Whether you’re a teamplayer, lonewolf or somewhere in the middle – you’ll be able to get a chance to claim this gun just by playing game modes you like the most and being good at it. After all, at times you’re just a die roll away from the lucky draw. And just in case you want to save some time, you can always find the box in the game shop.

This event starts on July 19th 12:00 UTC and lasts until 12:00 UTC August 1st.


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