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PEG Bullpup – back in shop

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PEG Bullpup is quite literally a powerhouse: high accuracy, rate of fire, and on top of that it literally blows their minds!

What you’ve got here is obviously a bullpup configuration that adds extra length to the barrel, which pays off in accuracy and increased effective range, while situating action behind the trigger group makes it extremely manageable in terms of recoil – a definitely positive feat for an automatic shotgun. Overall, its structure puts it right against the body, translating into naturally high – for a combat shotgun, that is – hip-fire accuracy.

The PEG Bullpup shotgun comes in two variants: regular and golden, both can be obtained from the Random Kredit boxes. The golden version can boast an increased rate of fire and packs two extra shells in the loading port, which means more total ammo carried as well.

It doesn’t end there. You can earn achievements for 10000 and 25000 kills respectively, and these are added as Badges (found in the ‘Career’ -> ‘Challenges’ tab in the game). Besides, as usual, there is a fascinating stripe for 999 kills with a golden version. So if you’re fond of the shotgun – perhaps for the fact it is based on a classic Russian assault rifle design (the FY-series) – make sure to show your support by pinning them on your profile.

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19 Jul 2017 general

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