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Special Operation ‘Blackout’ – soon in the game!

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Hey, you alright? Snap out of it!

Nod if you can hear me. You’re at the hospital, we’re back at the Warface base. You were deployed to Blackwood’s lab-turned-factory, operation ‘Anubis’. Don’t you remember? It’s fine, just a mild case of PTA, blunt trauma does that to you.

Barely made it out alive – thank the squad medic for that, you owe him one. You’ll be fine in a couple of days, and back on track. Oberon White’s been in contact again, but whatever he’s got in mind – you know better than to trust your enemy. We’re expecting a trap.

Your squad’s going to be RTBing soon, what a re-union, eh? Shouldn’t take long for you to get back up to speed, we’ve got all modern medicine at our disposal here.

Better rest now though, you’ll need your strength soon enough.

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