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Operation ‘Afterwinds’ is now on!

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The Atlas squad has made immense progress in the past few weeks, and Blackwood’s forced to retreat. It’s time to finish the onslaught and leave them no chance to retaliate!

The task at hand is to complete a series of Special Operations, critical to secure the victory. The entire Operation is split into three parts, that have to be completed subsequently. Let’s get to it!

Stage I: The Warm-up

Just as the name suggests, this is no more than a mere warm-up for a true Warface soldier, let alone a veteran.

You’ve got to complete the following missions (once each):

  • Earth Shaker (both Normal and Hard);
  • Anubis (Normal);
  • Icebreaker (Normal);
  • Blackshark (Normal).

Once you complete these, you’ll receive 10 Resurrection coins and 500 Crown Points, but let’s move onto the next stage.

Stage II: Skirmish

A tad more challenging than the previous stage, this one will require you to gear up well: get your extra ballistic plates, stack up on ammo, check comms – you’ll need to coordinate your efforts to gain victory here.

Complete each of the following missions twice:

  • Black Shark (Hard);
  • Icebreaker (Hard);
  • Anubis (Hard);
  • Earth Shaker (Insane).

Keep in mind you have to complete each of the missions above twice! As a reward, you’ll receive 25 Resurrection coins and 2500 Crown Points.

Stage III: End Sweep

This one will be a true test of will and endurance. Ready your best gear and gather a strong team – the bare minimum to pull through, as you’re going up against the Blackwood elite – guess they do have some tricks up their sleeves!

Complete each of the following missions twice:

  • Tower Raid;
  • Black Shark (Insane);
  • Icebreaker (Insane);
  • Anubis (Insane);
  • Earth Shaker (Nightmare).

We’re positive in your success so once you manage, you’ll receive 100 Resurrection coins, 5000 Crown Points, 1000 Golden Smoke grenades as well as the full Nanosuit bundle for 60 days!


  • The event is active from 25th of July 12:00 UTC (14:00 CEST) to 4th of August 12:00 (14:00);
  • Track your progress here; keep in mind it may take up to an hour to update;
  • All Stages need to be completed subsequently; if you complete an Insane mission on your first day, it will not count towards your event progress;
  • Find your rewards in ‘My Items’ on the site.

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