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Black Shark Tactical Axe – back in store

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The Black Shark Tactical Axe is the prime solution for when you just want to go and hack away at them. Literally.

Painted in jet black with a comfortable red handle, this axe is your prime go-to tool for dispatching cyborgs as well, so if you’re looking to spend the weekend deployed with your crew to a cyborg-infested Special Ops – Operation ‘Afterwinds’ is still on, mind you – make sure to grab this one along.

Taking a step back one cannot help but note its advantages: increased range and radius of attack, deadly power attack and hands down, one of the most fascinating swing animations. Its cutting edge knows no rival and no enemy will stand against a full swing, even one wearing the ‘Corundum’ vest!

But hurry – the offer’s limited and this axe is just too good, as such it’ll be available up until the 31st of July.

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