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Clan Challenge - August’17

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Dear Players!

Summer is in full swing but it’s not only the time to enjoy the hot weather, it’s also the time to give it hot to your rivals! Team up with your clan mates to take part in an intense fight for the first place in the monthly Clan Challenge! Get clan points for your solo or team activity, conquer the summit of the clan ladder and prove that you deserve the rewards: achievements, weapon skins, Crowns and of course – coveted lines in the TOP-clans chart.


Weapon Skins

The members of TOP-25 clans get a box with one of the following skins:


Place 1 - 3
Achieve the 1st Place 6 times
Achieve the 2nd Place 6 times
Achieve the 3d Place 6 times

Achieve Elite League 1, 3 and 6 times

Congratulations to the clans that made it to the Elite League in July! All clan members have received the rewards according to their position in the ladder.

TOP 10
Place Europe North America 
1  _Freedom_ OpSkillS.
2 ForThelastGame Rising
3 .Redemption BuD*
4 *Egy-Squad* AguilasNegras
5 AirbornSkillz  -KnightSlayer-
6  [NgT]NewGen.Tuga [O]bsession.
7  De[B]ug  Torque
8 -Intuition- Pycckue
9 -EvoLvE- _NoRespawN_
10  *Islam*  [R]estart_

*Please note that banned characters are not eligible for rewards and their gained points do not count towards total clan points.

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