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Special ‘Anubis’ series – now in stores

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Looking for a fresh new look? Check out the Special ‘Anubis’ weapon skin series sporting a neat, colorful finish. If you haven’t had the chance to secure these as a custom reward for your accomplishments in the special operation ‘Anubis’, you’d better check them out in the store!

The following weapons are featured in the series:

  • FY-103
  • Viper
  • SMG-19 Wisent
  • Everest
  • Python

So if you’re proud owner of one of these Arsenal firearms – outfit them with a custom skin now. Keep in mind that you still need the original, base version of the firearm to apply the skin to, however you can purchase this weapon skin in advance. When you unlock the gun, it’ll be there, waiting for you!


Much like the previously announced future Blackout skins – don’t confuse them with the Anubis ones here – the series features a colorful mix of colors on top of the base jet black. The intervening gold represents a snake along the barrel on most of the firearms listed above, surrounded by the flames and gusts of the desert in fiery orange and soft blue.

The weapons are available in the game store only for a limited time. Get them while you can!

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