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Black Shark EXAR-H – returning to stores

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EXAR-H is a highly modular battle rifle, one of the two reputable self-loading rifles belonging to the same EXAR family. The ‘H’ denotes its superior status in the firepower it brings to the battlefield, thanks to the full-power 7.62x51mm cartridge.

As any weapon part of the ‘Black Shark’ series, this battle rifle also delivers 20% increased damage to cyborgs. Are you going up against Oberon White? Or just strolling past a cyborg-infested neighborhood? Better take this one along with you.

Moving onto straight to the facts, this battle rifle is the choice of Warface Riflemen for its outstanding damage capabilities in the game, without suffering any accuracy, recoil and thus stability hits. Competitive reloading speed outweighs the limited magazine capacity (20 rounds), while its clean trigger pull allows its user to go straight for the bullseye. Not that anyone’s going to stand up to the monstrous 90 points of damage to the head, anyway!

A friendly tip: don’t spray it off the hip.

Looking for some challenges? Check out the ‘Shark Slayer’ achievement you can secure for landing a total of 5000 killing blows with any Black Shark weapon, like the EXAR-H right here. This achievement comes as a stripe and can be pinned on your profile. Lets them know what’s coming. 

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