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New regional server in San Jose

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Warface is an ever-evolving game with an ever-growing community spanning all over the globe. As beneficial as it is, some of the players experience poorer Internet connection due to distances and routing issues and as a result, we strive to expand our global coverage map to help resolve our players’ latency issues. Acknowledging that problem, we are excited to announce the second regional server to be situated in San Jose.

IMPORTANT: The server will be available once the update is installed.

The location of the server is expected to provide a better alternative for our West Coast players. Server locations are picked based on the community growth in a given region. Our NA member base has expanded considerably in the past few months, shown by the numbers of attendants in the competitive tournaments and performance in the Cross-server race.


San Jose server is merely a regional server, and as such you do not need to create a new account. Once available (when the patch is installed), head to your My.Com Game Centre and click on the currently selected regional server (‘Region’) to change to San Jose.

Matchmaking will continue to function in the same fashion – if you are unable to find a match for a prolonged period of time, your search criteria will be expanded to include both Washington and San Jose regional servers.


If you happen to encounter any issues connecting to the server, please collect your diagnostic data (click on the green downward arrow next to ‘Play’ in your My.Com Game Centre for a dropdown menu) and send a ticket via this link. It will help assess the nature of the problem you are experiencing as well as track any patterns and prevent other players from encountering them as well.

See you on the battlefield!

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