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LMG Kapow – now in store

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Are you ready to survive the Blackout? When tasked with clearing a cyborg horde, there’s no time to reload and as such, there’s no weapon better than a light machine gun: make way for Kapow!

LMG Kapow is the true golden king of delivering devastating damage and sowing sheer havoc among your enemies. Owing to its superb damage and rate of fire values, the LMG is well-suited for laying down suppressive fire and firing precise bursts. Keep in mind, you best stick to aiming down your sights – the massive size of the gun makes recoil difficult to manage when spraying off the hip.

Speaking of the sights: you have a broad selection of scopes per your playstyle, including the Fast 3x Zoom MCA scope. You can additionally outfit the LMG with a flash guard or suppressor depending on your playstyle, enhancing its effective range or accuracy per your choosing. There’s little room for rail modifications, and thus the gun comes equipped with a deployed bipod for improved sway control and accuracy when firing rested.

LMG Kapow is available in two variants: regular and golden; both can be found in Random Kredit Boxes in the store.


The LMG allows you to unlock custom achievements: two marks for 10000 and 25000 combat eliminations respectively, and a Golden Nomad stripe for 999 eliminations with the Golden variant of the gun.

Get your hands on ‘Kapow’ and roam the battlefield free, as your enemy won’t!

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