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Anubis MS Radek – now in store

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Looking for a versatile assault rifle? You just cannot go wrong with MS Radek.

The bullpup platform makes for a great combination with the modular configuration, resulting in great versatility and all the key qualities Riflemen tend to look out for in an AR. Whether you’re storming enemy positions or going in quiet, MS Radek is your prime choice. Let’s find out why!

To start with, high damage and competitive rate of fire are easy to note right off the bat. However, one cannot afford to compare actual combat experience to your average shooting practice – low recoil is a well-recognized feat, shared by most, if not all, bullpup rifles. MS Radek comes highly favoured by casual and competitive players alike, and the reason traces back to just how stable and efficient this weapon turns out to be, regardless of your playstyle: single or double taps, bursts or even spraying – just make sure to aim down the sights!

While the regular MS Radek can be rented in the store, the Anubis variant of the weapon is permanent. Once you get it, you keep it! The Anubis series was originally created for the Special Operation – its namesake – which has now been expanded to feature the currently trending guns.

Anubis MS Radek comes with a custom achievement, available as a stripe when unlocked. Pin it on your profile and show your mastery of the weapon!

See you in the Blackout, and remember to stay clear of the dark!

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