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Explore Pripyat this year!

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Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, or simply the *Zone*… normally an off-limits territory for some 30 klicks, is a truly mysterious no-man’s land. But that is about to change.

In the wake of the renewed storyline featured in the ‘Blackout’, we have been working on a new Special Operation, codenamed ‘Pripyat’. The new mission will have the players deployed in a ghost town to reveal its dark (and darker!) secrets.

The ‘Pripyat’ Special Operation promises to be the largest and most memorable in the entire history of the game. Brand new enemies: design and unit types, the constant pressure of being on edge, the sense of sudden danger lurking around every corner as well as the so-far-unsurpassed level of detail will be waiting for you in Pripyat. The storyline is going to be far from linear, and we hope the authentic post-apocalyptic atmosphere we’re working to create will be a thrilling experience!

Follow the news as the story unfolds and join us in exploring Chernobyl!

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