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AP-84 Custom – now in store

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AP-84 Custom is truly a long-awaited piece of equipment right there. And yes, it is available in Random boxes for Warface dollars.

The SMG reigns supreme in a few categories: damage, rate of fire and magazine capacity. Once you think of it, 82 points per bullet at the rate of 750 isn’t something to cast aside. Not every SMG manages to keep their numbers this high and get up to 32 rounds in its mag.

As the tradition goes, its accuracy is just a couple of points below the highest, though the SMG willingly pays it off by not losing much accuracy when fired without aiming down the sights – ‘hipfire’. That also doesn’t translate into a heavy kick – the weapon is easy to handle, yet another advantage making its way on the list.


AP-84 Custom is featured in the Atlas of War, but will now additionally become available in Random Boxes for Warface Dollars. Alternatively, you will be able to buy it directly for 2500 Kredits, if you want to skip the former part.


Polish Self Defense

Kill 10000 enemies with AP-84 Custom

Advanced Polish Self Defense

Kill 25000 enemies with AP-84 Custom

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