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PVE Mentoring

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Dear players!

We’re happy to introduce a new PvE Mentoring system aimed at gaining and sharing your game experience. Are you a professional player that can conquer any summit and looking forward to sharing your experience? Are you a newcomer that can only dream of completing the hardest special operations? Then that’s definitely what you need!

Let’s take a closer look at this program.

Who can be a mentor?

Only the users with wide experience in completing Special Operations can join Mentors. In order to apply for this role you need to contact st_vi#3221 on Discord (in English) and express your willingness to take part in this program. The requirements are simple:

  • You should have at least 40 successfully completed Special Operations per month;
  • You should have at least rank 55;
  • You should be responsible and have willingness and ability to help;
  • You should be able to use Discord voice chat.

What should I do as a mentor?

The main point is to guide new players in completing Special Operation by showing specific tactics. In order to make things more efficient Discord Voice Channels should be involved. The amount of mentors in one group depends on the difficulty level of the operation: 1 for the easiest level and up to 3 for the hardest one.

I’m a new player, how can I contact a mentor?

Mentors will have a specific group tag on Discord and Forum and you will be able to find them on a special page on our official website in the future.


Alongside with being a great challenge, the participation in the mentoring program will be rewarded in accordance with your effort! You will get:

  • Temporal weapons or boosters;
  • Additional Access Tokens for Special Operations;
  • Exclusive PVE events and competitions;
  • Gratitude of your “students”.

Got interested? Apply right now!

*The administration has the right to reject the application, change the terms or make other decisions related to the participation in the program.


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