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RMG Custom - now in shop

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RMG Custom originates from the PRD (Degtyaryov hand-held machine gun), a light machine gun developed in the Soviet Union in 1944. Since then, the weapon has been modernized a couple of times. RPD has been used by more than 50 countries all over the world and the gun itself is a predecessor of most automatic weapons.   

RMG Custom in Warface

“Custom” in the name of the gun implies that it will be introduced to the game modified. A large variety of attachments will help you to customize the gun – play the way you like! Impressive damage, easy-to-control recoil and advanced zoom-in make RMG Custom indispensable in any PvP match. It’s definitely worth trying out!

As usual, the gun is featured in two versions: a golden and a regular one. Golden RMG Custom will not only set your apart from a usual crowd; it may also boast increased range, rate of fire and additional rounds in the ammunition belt. 50% damage buff against cyborgs won’t leave them a single chance.

One will be able to obtain RMG Custom from the Kredit Random Boxes. Be the first to get your hands on it!



Eliminate 10000 enemies with RMG Custom or its golden version

Advanced Oldtimer

Eliminate 25000 enemies with RMG Custom or its golden version

Gold Oldtimer

Eliminate 999 enemies with the Golden RMG Custom.


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