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Arsenal buildup

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Do you consider yourself a true master of your class? Then you have a chance at getting a permanent Random Box weapon – provided that you can prove it. Are you in so far? Let’s get to it.

You will face challenges with each class, requiring you to do what you do best – kill as many as you can with specific weapons, in PvP.


The tasks for each class are split into several stages: the first requires you to kill enemies with the common weapons, the second – with the rare ones, then epic and in the end, the legendary tier. You can select any weapon in the tier. For example, if you need an epic tier Rifleman weapon, you could go with an FY-103. If you don’t have a legendary tier weapon unlocked yet, you can use one of the following weapons:

RGX160 (regular and golden) PEG Bullpup (regular and golden) SMG-9 Ares (regular and golden) Atheris GQ50 (regular and golden)
LMG Kapow (regular and golden) US-12 Karkom SMG (regular and golden) R14 Krazy horse (regular and golden)
R16A4 (regular and golden) MSG 500 Custom ZX84 UMP SVK-AS (regular and golden)
Dewnfield R65E4 (regular and golden) Accuracy SEVEN AC7 SMG M917-SR
CCR Fararm S.A.T. 8 Pro (regular and golden) CCR CQB BT50 (regular and golden)
EXAR-H (regular and golden) Fabarm STF 12 (regular and golden) EXAR-L PDW (regular and golden) RBA SR58 SPR
T27 Fararm LTR6 (regular and golden) CCR Honey Badger (regular and golden) Miller AP6
RMG Custom (regular and golden) PEG-7 (regular and golden)

WX Metasoma Evo3 A1 (regular and golden)

TWM X308 (regular and golden)
CV-12 (regular and golden) Richmond S22 SAS
Sae Scout (regular and golden)

Each stage rewards Random Kredit Boxes, specific for each class. It’s possible to earn over 100 boxes!


Let’s go over a couple of key points:

  • Each stage must be completed in the given order – your kills with “epic” weapons will not count towards general progress until the “rare” ones are completed
  • Each “chain” is class-specific – i.e. completing the medic chain will not award sniper rifles;
  • The higher the stage, the greater the rewards – you’ll get more and more boxes;
  • Any weapon goes, as long as it belongs to the correct class and tier, whether regular or golden. Keep in mind that only the basic weapons count – for example, the Icebreaker or Black Shark  kills won’t add to the progress;
  • Your progress is shared for your entire account and can thus be completed both on EU and NA servers.

The event is active from 21th of September 09:00 UTC to 5th of October 09:00 UTC.

Your stage progress may take up to several hours to update. You can trace your progress and rewards here:


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