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Warface Open Cup: Season 1

Categories: ESports

Dear players!

Following the weekly fun we’ve had with the Daily Cups, it’s hard to abstain from desiring a little more. After all, being competitive means constantly aiming higher, doesn’t it? As a result, we’re excited to announce the next global event: Warface Open Cup and the Masters League!


Season 1 will consist of four stages: Challenge Cups I through IV, eliminating all but two teams in each Challenge Cup. There will be regional restrictions, and Warface Open Cup will take place in three officially supported regions: Europe, North America and Asia. The winners of the Masters League and the Playoffs will be invited to compete in the LAN finals in Moscow!

There will be up to 128 teams allowed to compete in the European Challenge Cups, 8 selected teams will have a round-robin style of a tournament – each contestant will play against all others – in the Masters League. First six teams move to the next season.

Challenge Cup EU Schedule:

  • Challenge Cup I: 7-8th of October
  • Challenge Cup II: 21-22nd of October
  • Challenge Cup III: 4-5th of November
  • Challenge Cup IV: 18-19th of November

Masters League EU Schedule:

  • 25-26th of November
  • 2-3rd of December

NA Challenge Cup will comprise up to 32 teams, with 4 teams emerging competing in the Playoffs – 2 from each Challenge Cup.

NA Schedule:

  • Challenge Cup I: 4-5th of November
  • Challenge Cup II: 18-19th of November
  • Playoff: 25-26th of November

Asia Challenge Cup will have an elimination tournament for 32 to 64 teams on the 18th and 19th of November, 4 teams will compete in the final playoffs on the 25th and 26th of November.


If you want to host a competition of your own in Warface, feel free to contact us at As long as your event or competition does not violate the rules, we’re willing to consider providing the tournament server, commentators as well as add to the prize pool (in-game currencies only).

Fill out the application form below if interested:

  1. Host name
  2. General event information
  3. Regulations
  4. Schedule (cannot conflict with official tournaments)
  5. Event platform / site
  6. Platforms you are going to stream the tournament to.
  7. Commentators and links to their Youtube and/or Twitch channels
  8. Referee roster
  9. Prizes provided by the organizer (Your prize fund up to 5000 Kredits will be doubled)
  10. The amount of participating teams (not fewer than 32)

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