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Warface: Halloween is officially on!

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There’s more to warfare than traditional combat — to achieve resounding success, you need to instill fear in your enemy, defeat them from within. Is there ever a better time to cause havoc and terror than Halloween?


First up we have the proper battlegrounds: a misty cemetery with all the appropriate Day of the Dead attributes: caskets, witches, Jack-o’-Lanterns — that sort of thing.

In order to play the Cemetery map, you need to click on the in-game banner!

Get special login rewards

Log into the game every day and claim your reward. If you miss more than 3 days, the streak will reset:

  • Halloween Cleaver 15 days
  • Halloween Helmet 10 days
  • Special Forces Katana 10 days
  • Black Shark Tactical Axe 10 days
  • Black Shark S18G 10 days
  • Halloween Vest ver.2 5 days
  • Black Shark Exar-H 5 days
  • Black Shark Fararm ATF 12 5 days
  • Black Shark AC7 SMG 5 days
  • Black Shark SAE Scout 5 days

Fend off a cyborgs horde

According to our intel, a horde of cyborgs created by Blackwood broke free and is now devastating the area. Stop the apocalypse with any means necessary! Annihilate cyborgs in any special operations and unlock individual task sequences. More tasks - more rewards! Check the progress on the promo page.

Promo page

Individual tasks restrictions:

  • Match has to be played till completion.
  • The PVP objectives can be completed only in Quickplay.
  • The objectives should be completed one by one (if you have tasks 1, 2 and 3 unlocked – only the 1st one will count).

NOTE: The event lasts until November, 20th, 09:00 UTC.

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