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AY 226 “Earth Shaker” is now available

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Meet the firearm that’s set the standard for all sidearm manufacturers to follow.


AY 226 pistol is based on P226 pistol by SIG Sauer. Originally designed for the XM9 Service Pistol trials held on the behalf of the US armed forces, P226 was in a close tie with Beretta’s signature 92FS. The latter was picked - rumoured and believed, for its lower production costs and the safety switch - though numerous other agencies adopted the P226 instead. It was ultimately the choice of Navy SEALs that gave this gun a particular chance to shine.


AY 226 is easily one of the highest-performing sidearms in the game. As described previously, most firearms can be split into the category per their heavy accent on a specific quality -- you can find a gun that’s impactful, yet slow; light-weight, but lacks the stopping power. AY 226 sets this dilemma aside by combining incredibly high damage and utility values. At over a hundred damage per round, it features a high rate of fire and nearly-perfect recoil control. Its accuracy and effective range even stand up to some primaries.

THe pistol is well-received for its leniency as well: the aforementioned ease of use goes well in tandem with the magazine size, not to mention the unique custom suppressor that increases accuracy without damage penalties. And yet, its full potential is unlocked when used professionally - easy to learn, hard to master.


Kill 15000 enemies with Earth Shaker AY 226
Kill 10,000 enemies with Earth Shaker weapons

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