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EXAR-H – now in store

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If your enemy is armed with an EXAR-H – they are definitely a force to be reckoned with. This particular weapon is classified as a battle rifle, and you’re about to learn why.


Much like its lesser sibling – the EXAR-L PDW – EXAR-H traces its origins back to the SCAR family of rifles. While SCAR itself stands for Special Combat Assault Rifle, the “L” and “H” designations denote its “Light” and “Heavy” variants. SCAR-H is officially classified as a Battle Rifle per its full-powered rifle cartridge, 7.62x51mm NATO. 


EXAR-H lives up to its reputation of carrying a full-powered cartridge with its damage values: 90 points – the highest – within its impressive effective range of 16, and yet carries on the legacy of the renowned Belgian arms manufacturer, providing superb accuracy and a competitive rate of fire.

On the downside, you’ll have to put up with the recoil – a characteristic feature of any heavy weapon. This makes the rifle highly balanced in terms of gameplay, as it will require skill for this gun to reach its top performance. The STANAG mag carries only 20 rounds, though that should be well enough given the damage output of the rifle.

EXAR-H comes in two variants: regular and golden; both can be found in Random Kredit Boxes. The golden variant features a higher rate of fire (620 -> 635), higher hipfire accuracy (18 -> 19), and a larger magazine (20 -> 25).

Note: EXAR-H will be replacing the T27 assault rifle in the store.



Special Operations Forces

Kill 10,000 enemies with the EXAR-H or its gold version

Advanced Special Operations Forces

Kill 25,000 enemies with the EXAR-H or its gold version

Ambitious strike

Kill 999 enemies with a Gold EXAR-H

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